Vertical Piano Damper Spoons - Set of 100

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About this item:

  • DAMPER SPOONS IMPORTANT FUNCTION: The Damper Spoon raises the damper from the string by pushing the damper lever up or back. The damper is responsible for stopping or damping the vibrations of the string. On the piano, dampers are found on the majority of strings, but not all. The damper head with its felt pad is lifted from the string by the wire, causing the string to vibrate.
  • PIANO DAMPER SPOONS LOCATION: To the back of the whippen is the damper spoon. The whippen pivots when the back of the key rises from play, and the damper spoon pushes the damper away from the string.
  • DAMPER SPOONS LIFTING TIMING: As the whippen is lifted, it will pull this away from the pianist and push the damper lever up, raising the damper. So basically, if we tweak the spoon so that the top of the spoon moves away from the rest of the whippen, the damper will lift earlier. If we force it to go forward towards us, the damper will eventually lift.
  • DAMPER SPOONS UNIFORM ADJUSTMENT: Before adjusting spoons, dampers must lift uniformly with the pedal. The amount of damper lift achieved with the spoons has a significant impact on the piano's touch resistance; therefore spoon adjustments should be as consistent as possible.
  • PIANO TECHNICIANS RECOMMENDED: The vertical damper spoon is a very useful tool that is preferred by most professional piano technicians. 


Product Description:

One of the last steps in the regulation process of a vertical piano is to adjust the damper spoons so the dampers lift at the correct time in relation to the key movement. 

We have both the Damper Spoon Bender and the Spinet Piano Damper Spoon Bender available in our online store. 

We have a DVD available which includes this video as well as 12 other videos on vertical piano regulation available here in our store: Vertical Piano Regulation Videos on DVD



  • Product Type: Damper Spoon
  • No. Of Set: Set of 100
  • Manufacturer: USA Made