Vertical Piano Regulation Videos on DVD

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This DVD includes 13 of our videos on vertical piano regulation.  These  videos are available to view for free on our website or on our YouTube channel, but we offer these videos on DVD for those who would prefer to have it in this format instead.  The 13 videos are all on one disc and consist of nearly two hours of video going through the different steps of regulating a vertical piano and includes one video which summarizes the steps and the order to do things in.  Here is a list of the videos included:

  • Vertical Piano Regulation Procedure
  • Adjusting Let-Off
  • Regulating hammer Blow Distance
  • Adjusting Lost Motion
  • Regulating Keydip and Aftertouch
  • Regulating Vertical Backchecks
  • Damper Pedal Lift Adjustment
  • Key Leveling
  • Sharp Leveling
  • Adjusting Damper Spoons
  • Squaring and Spacing the Keys
  • Bobbling Hammers
  • Correcting Rubbing Hammers