Vertical Upright Piano Action Cradle

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About this item:

  • VERTICAL ACTION CRADLE FUNCTION: It is easier to do some vertical piano action repairs and regulating processes if the action of the piano is lifted off of the work table. This allows you to set it to different angles and provide some distance below the bottom of the action.
  • STABILITY: The action cradle features a piece that fits through the frame and clamps onto the end action bracket. There is a port where the action bracket will sit, and this will then bring out the set screw or set bolts that will keep the action in place when it is in the action cradle.
  • FREE ROTATION: Screw clamps and hinged brackets secure the action brackets. The action can freely rotate and be locked in any position.
  • METAL CONSTRUCTION: It is easy to disassemble and store, and will not tilt. The legs of the cradles are made of steel.
  • RECOMMENDED TOOL: This is an important tool for anyone who is serious about the maintenance and repair of any vertical piano action. Actions can be rotated 360 degrees and held in any position for easy access to work on hammers, dampers, bridle straps, or anything else that requires attention and easy access with this time-saving device.


Product Description:           

All metal, fully adjustable, and suitable for all upright, spinet, and console actions. There are two brackets included, one for each end of the action.



  • Product Type: Piano Action Cradle
  • Material: Metal / Steel
  • Inclusions: 2 Bracket