Cory Care Super High Gloss Piano Polish FAQ's

Cory Care Super High Gloss Piano Polish FAQ's

Oct 17, 2023

Q. What is Cory Care Super High Gloss Piano Polish?

A. Cory Care's super high gloss polish is a special polish formulated specifically for high gloss finishes on pianos. It helps to restore the piano's original shine and finish quality. It also cleans off finger prints and dust and helps protect the piano from UV rays that can cause fading.

Q. What is the best cleaner polish for a piano?

A. If the piano you are looking to polish has a high-gloss polyester, polyurethane, and lacquer finish, Cory Care's super high gloss polish is the best polish option. Cory Care keyboard products are the recognized standard in piano and keyboard maintenance worldwide.

Q. How do you polish a high gloss piano?

A. Super high gloss piano polish is very easy to use to polish a piano. You do need to avoid getting the spray on the strings and other internal parts. To avoid this, one option is to spray the polish onto your cloth and then wipe it onto the piano.

Q. How much does it cost to polish a piano?

A. If your piano only needs a bit of a touch up to remove some finger prints, dust, or grime, Cory's super high gloss polish should be sufficient and a small bottle only costs $7.00. If the piano has much dirt on it, we would suggest also using their Pre-Polish Finish Cleaner beforehand (small bottle available here for $6.50).

Q. How often should I polish my piano?

A. It depends on the amount of use and abuse the piano gets. If it is piano moved frequently (which would create smudges from handling), is in a dusty environment, or is in an environment where it gets scratched, you may want to polish the piano more frequently. If it is in a safe environment where it does not get scratched or get very bad smudges, it will need polishing much less frequently. A frequent dusting should suffice in this situation.

Q. Can you clean a piano with furniture polish?

A. It's not recommended to use furniture polish on a piano. This could cause a buildup because they are not designed for pianos and this buildup would have to be later removed. It is best to only use polishes designed for pianos.

Q. Where can I buy Cory Care Super High Gloss Piano Polish?

A. Cory Care's super high gloss polish is available on our store here.

Highlighted Reviews

The movers left some marks that didn’t want to get removed by using a damp microfiber cloth. I was about to accept this reality until I decided to give Cory’s polish a try. It removed the marks with ease. Howard was as prompt as always. Quite happy with the outcome.  -Pooya J.

Thanks to this amazing Super High Gloss, my piano now is in pristine conditions.  -Ana C.

I love using the piano polish not only on my high gloss piano but on my furniture as well.  -Patty D.