Free Course on How to Tune A Piano

Free Course on How to Tune A Piano

Sep 09, 2023

If you are looking to become a piano technician or trying to give your own piano a tune up but have never learned anything about tuning pianos, this course is designed for you. Our free course entitled "How to Tune A Piano" walks through the basics of the tuning process.

Although this series is not a complete course on piano tuning, it will be a good introduction for those wanting to begin the process of learning how to tune pianos. We will mostly be going over how to tune a piano using an electronic tuning device rather than going over all the piano tuning theory. If you would like to go deeper into piano tuning theory, we also have a video series for that on our YouTube channel. Here is an overview of some of the things we cover in "How to Tune A Piano":

  • What tools you need to tune a piano
  • How to use an electronic tuning device
  • Tuning hammer technique
  • Tuning the midrange
  • Tuning the unisons
  • Tuning the bass and high treble sections

This series will not train you to be an expert at piano tuning and it will certainly take much practice to become good at it, but you will at least be able to tune up an out of tune piano so that it sounds better than when you started.

This video series also comes with a free study guide available for download. Throughout the study guide, you will find pages for notes, quizzes to help you remember the material, deeper explanations, and links to products or extra material. Links for the series and study guide can be found below.

How to Tune A Piano Online Video Series

How to Tune A Piano DVD Series

How to Tune A Piano Study Guide