​How to Clean Piano Keys

​How to Clean Piano Keys

Dec 09, 2023

Keeping your piano keys clean will make for a more enjoyable playing experience, and can potentially lengthen the life of your instrument. This guide will show you how to clean piano keys, in just a few easy steps. The process is the same for cleaning plastic and ivory keys, on any grand, upright, or digital piano.

Supplies Needed

Cleaning the Keys

Spray your cleaning solution onto your microfiber cloth and gently wipe the keys. Your goal is to remove any dust and dirt buildup. You can spray the solution onto the keys themselves if you wish, but if your piano keys are made of ivory, you will want to make sure they do not get too wet, otherwise they might be damaged. Make sure you clean all the keys and ensure they are completely dry when finished.

Not sure if your piano keys are made of ivory? Check out our free guide.

What Kind of Cleaning Products Can I Use?

Generally, any non-abrasive cleaner should be safe to clean your piano keys. We've found that Cory Keybrite - Key Cleaner is the best solution. If you are looking for a quick and easy option, you can make a solution of warm water and dish soap. Do not use rubbing alcohol or other harsh chemicals, as this can damage the keys or the wood polish of your piano.

Preventative Care

The best way to keep your piano keys free of dirt build-up is to build good habits. Wash your hands before playing the piano, avoid eating food while playing, and close the keyboard lid after you are finished.