How to Fix a Misaligned Hammer on a Grand Piano

Jul 19, 2022

If your grand piano has been making a strange, twangy noise when you push down the soft pedal, you might be the victim of a misaligned hammer. This article will guide you through the process of diagnosing and repairing this problem. Overall, this is a pretty easy fix that only takes a few minutes.

What is a misaligned hammer?

On most grand pianos, the soft pedal (una corda pedal) works by shifting the entire action of the piano to the right, so that the hammers are only striking two of the three strings for each treble note. Occasionally, individual hammers will move out of alignment, causing them to strike more than one note while the soft pedal is pressed.

How do I repair misaligned hammers?

To repair a misaligned hammer, start by removing the action and taking a closer look at the hammers. The misaligned hammer will correspond to the piano key that plays strangely. The hammer is likely spaced unevenly, maybe even rubbing up against the hammer on either side of it. To fix it, loosen the flange screw of the affected hammer, and align the hammer so that it lies evenly between the two hammers on either side of it. Then, tighten the flange screw, and test the note with the action back in the piano.

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