Why Disassemble an Upright Piano?

Why Disassemble an Upright Piano?

May 28, 2023

How disassembling a piano may benefit you

We recently started a new and timely video series on our YouTube channel on how to disassemble an upright piano. But before we get into the how of disassembling a piano, you might be wondering, "why disassemble a piano anyway?". In this article, we will cover that question along with reasons why disassembling a piano may benefit you!

Reason 1: To dispose of the piano

There are two main reasons one may consider disassembling a piano. The first is that the piano needs disposed of and must be broken down to do so. Maybe the piano is no longer wanted, is in unfit condition to keep, or simply can't find a home. This reason is the most frequent of the two to run into.

Reason 2: To learn about the piano

The second reason you might disassemble a piano is to learn about the piano. This is an especially helpful activity for someone who is learning or would like to learn how to be a piano technician. It could be a great aid to your education. How so? It may help you answer questions you might have about how a piano works, what parts are inside, or how all the parts fit together. It could even help you better understand how to take apart all of the parts for future piano repairs you may run into.

What makes a piano good or bad?

The answer really is everything! The way the parts work together, the condition the parts are in, or the condition of the cabinet can all make or break the decision on whether a piano is worth keeping. Even the smallest parts, when put together, can make a huge impact on the piano's quality depending on their condition. The appearance of the cabinet can also be a major factor for some people (especially when it's a residential piano) as there might be scrapes, veneer coming off, etc.


There are two main reasons to disassemble a piano: (1) to dispose of the piano and (2) to learn about the piano. A piano that is considered no longer good or unwanted because of its cabinet or parts conditions may be eligible for disassembly. In the posts and videos to come, we will look at how to disassemble the piano and the parts inside.

This article is based on the following video from our YouTube channel. For more information and some of the history influencing this series, watch this video: