Why Should a Technician Use These Earplugs?

Why Should a Technician Use These Earplugs?

Jul 04, 2023

Earplugs may seem like a strange idea for a piano technician, but can actually make tuning an easier process! We recently started carrying Vibes Earplugs for technicians on our store. Here, we'll share two main benefits of wearing these earplugs while tuning that could be helpful for you!

First, the right kind of earplugs will actually help improve the sound quality of the piano so that it can more easily be tuned. If you're tuning by ear, you can actually hear the partials and beats better while wearing earplugs. This is because the earplugs are tuning out (no pun intended) unwanted background noises and also clarifying the sound of the piano. While some earplugs may cause the sounds to be muddied and muffled, Vibes are designed to dampen all tones of sound equally, keeping the sound clear and quieted at the same time.

The second reason is for ear protection. Though it may not seems so at all times, tuning can be hard on your ears. The piano is a very loud instrument, so without proper protection, your ears could be damaged by the continual tuning of pianos day after day.

If you're interested in purchasing these earplugs, feel free to visit our Vibes Earplugs product to learn more. The earplugs come with a case, three different tip sizes, and an optional cord so they can be hung around the neck while not in use.

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