Grand Piano Damper Guide Rail Bushing Easer

Howard Piano Industries

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About this item:

  • EASE DAMPER GUIDE RAIL BUSHINGS: For loosening the damper guide rail bushings on grand pianos, use a straight bushing tool. The position of each damper is determined by the position of the damper guide rail, which is mounted on the front edge of the soundboard in grands, beneath the strings. The guide rail's bushed holes allow the damper wires to pass through.
  • TAPERED AT ONE END: So, here's a tool that's 8" long and tapered on one end so that it can easily go into the damper guide rail without damaging the felt, and it's designed to be used with a drill, and it's done so that you can leave the damper guide rail in the piano if you happen to have it out
  • EASY TO USE TOOL: We'll use a drill to install it and tighten it up. All you have to do is insert the tool through the out dampers and turn it up and down a little bit. It just heats up the bushing and irons the felt, making it less tight.
  • GUIDE RAIL BUSHING ADJUSTMENT: So you put the damper back in, adjust it to the proper height, and straighten it out a little bit under so it can move freely. It's a simple approach to loosen that damper guide rail bushing while the damper guide rail is still in the piano if you have some dampers that go up or down very slowly.
  • PIANO TECHNICIANS RECOMMENDED: This tool is preferred by most professional piano technicians.


Product Description:

Sometimes the bushings on a grand piano damper guide rail can become tight.  With our Damper Guide Rail Bushing Easer you can easily and accurately ease the bushing to the correct tightness. The tool is 8" in length and is .109" in diameter and is tapered at the end in order to insert the tool without pushing the felt out of the hole.  Quality, American made tool offered exclusively through Howard Piano Industries.



  • Product Type: Damper Guide Rail Bushing Easer
  • Length: 8 inch
  • Diameter: .109 inch
  • Manufacturer: USA Made