Grand Piano Hammer Shank with Flange

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Quality new replacement grand piano hammer shanks with attached flanges.  Made by Tokiwa of Japan.  Available individually or in a set of 90.  Several styles available:


Shank & Flange Type Center Pin to Knuckle Core Flange Screw to Center Pin
New York Steinway Type 16 mm 23 mm
Hamburg Steinway Type 17 mm 24 mm
Yamaha "New" Type 17 mm 24.5 mm
Yamaha "Old" Type 17 mm 22 mm
Kawai KG1 Type with wood shank and composite flange 17 mm 24 mm
Baldwin "Old" Bore Type 17 mm 23 mm
Baldwin "New" Bore Type 17 mm 25 mm
Wessel, Nickel & Gross Type 17 mm 25 mm
Aeolian Narrow Type 17 mm 22 mm
Aeolian Long Style 17 mm 27 mm
Renner Type 17 mm 23 mm
Knabe Type 17 mm 24 mm
Renner Type w/ Adjustable Flange 17 mm Adjustable

The flanges are all 12 mm wide except for the Aeolian Narrow Type which is 11 mm wide.  If you are putting the old hammer onto a new shank you'll need a tool for removing the old hammer.  Here is a link to the tool in our store: Grand Hammer Shank Press

**Special note about Yamaha New Shanks: There are two different types for the Yamaha New shanks, one is the octagonal shanks which are for the notes with dampers, generally this would be notes 1-71.  The others are an oval shape which are for notes 72-88 or the notes without dampers.  The reason for this is to compensate for the weight difference.  Please contact us if you need a full set of Yamaha New shanks.