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About this item:

  • HALLET & DAVIS GRAND PIANO SIZE OPTIONS: We made sure that you have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing your preferred grand piano size:               

        * 4'8 1/2" 
        * 4'10"
        * 5'0"
        * 5'2"
        * 5'3"
        * 5'5''

  • FABRIC COVER MATERIAL: You can choose options for your fabric covers: (Black Vinyl, Black Mackintosh, Brown Mackintosh, Black Quilted Nylon, Brown Quilted Nylon, Black Quilted Mackintosh).

        * Black Vinyl Fabric Cover - This piano cover is a fabric vinyl, heavy leatherette, bonded to a soft flannel backing (water repellent). Our finest vinyl materials provide a soft leather appearance. For our piano covers, we only use high-quality, long-lasting vinyl's.

        * Black or Brown Mackintosh - Our Mackintosh covers are a combination of heavy water repellent drill cloth bonded to a soft cotton flannel backing. Mackintosh is tough and durable and perfect for use in schools, churches, theaters and studios.

        * Black or Brown Quilted Nylon - Our Quilted Nylon piano cover is an economical quilted cover made with material that combines a black nylon face material with an inner material of white poly cotton flannel.

        * Black Quilted Mackintosh - Our Quilted Mackintosh covers are made with an extremely rugged but attractive cover that is made with heavy mackintosh on the outside with a soft cotton material on the inside. Quilted with a strong nylon thread in a 4" diamond pattern for excellent stitching.

  • EMBROIDERED HALLET & DAVIS LOGO: We offer the option of having the logo embroidered onto the front or side of the cover. The position of the front logo would be just over the keys. The side logo would be positioned on the treble side of the piano.
  • SIDE SLITS COVER OPENINGS: Side Slits come standard with all of our covers - Side slits are openings in each side of the cover at the top of the legs which allows the cover to be folded back so the piano can be played while removing the whole cover.
  • PIANO COVER LENGTH: You can choose options for your cover length. Standard length and for an additional cost we can make your cover floor length.
  • COVER LOCKING STRAPS: The straps are attached to the cover by stitching, and they are pulled together beneath the piano where the "D" rings connect. Locking straps are also available with D rings for the option of being able to lock the cover for better protection. (Lock not included). The locking straps cannot be added to floor length covers. Locking straps are only compatible with standard-length covers.


Product Description:

Custom made covers for Hallet & Davis Grand Pianos. A grand piano cover functions as an essential barrier between the wood surface of your piano and the environment, protecting it from physical damage such as scratches and chipping. Our covers are made in the United States using only the highest quality materials. 



  • Product Type: Piano Cover
  • Piano Type: Grand Pianos
  • Material: Fabric
  • Brand: Hallet & Davis
  • Manufacturer: USA Made


Note: “Once we receive your order, piano covers are generally made and shipped within 3 to 4 weeks”.


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