Piano Cork Bridle Straps – Set of 90

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About this item: 

  • PERFECT FITTINGS: Perfect for replacing broken straps on vertical pianos. Easy to replace without removing the action. No gluing necessary.  
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Remove the old straps, push the cork in place, and hook to the bridle wire. 
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: These are made of high quality regulation braid with red Fabrilite tips. 
  • AVAILABLE SIZE: We have 3 sizes available to choose from. Small: cork diameter tapers from 15/64" to 1/8’’, Medium: cork diameter tapers from 1/4" to 3/16" and Large: cork Diameter tapers from 9/32" to 1/4".


Product Description: 

Professional Piano Cork Bridle Straps - Full Set of 90. The bridle straps have a cork end that is pushed into a hole in the catcher, which is attached to the hammer butt. The other end of the strap is slipped over a wire that is attached to the whippen (the whippen transfers force from the key to the hammer, as well as to the dampers). 



  •  Product Type: Cork Bridle Straps 
  •  Quantity: Set of 90 
  •  Sizes: Small:  15/64" to 1/8" 
    •   Medium:  1/4" to 3/16" 
    •   Large:  9/32" to 1/4" 
  • Manufacturer: USA Made