Piano String Coil Lifter and String Spacer

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About this item:

  • TOOL ESSENTIAL USAGE: This Piano string coil lifter space is a very essential tool for creating tight coils and properly spaced strings.
  • UNIQUE COIL LIFTER TOOL END: The coil lifter end of the tool is used by using leverage to push up on the bottom of the coil while tightening the string on the piano tuning pin.
  • CORRECT SPACING ON PIANO STRINGS: The string spacer end is used to achieve perfect spacing on the piano strings by inserting the spacer over the strings and dragging it down the strings toward the pressure bar.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL AND DIMENSIONS: This piano string lifter and spacer is chrome plated and measures 7-1/4" long. The lifter end has a 1/2" drop. The chromed layer can protect against corrosion, make cleaning easier, and increase surface hardness.
  • PIANO TECHNICIANS RECOMMENDED: This is the string lifter preferred by professional piano technicians.


Product Description:

This is a coil lifter and string spacer. On one end it’s got the end to hold up the coil, lift the coil. The other end is a string spacer. It’s got three notches to space the three strings of the note.

Made in the USA--a high quality tool designed to last.



  • Product Type: Piano String Coil Lifter & Spacer
  • Length: 7-1/4" long
  • Lifter End Size: 1/2" drop
  • Material: Chrome Plated
  • Manufacturer: USA Made