Piano Tuning Pin Hand Held Coil Maker

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About this item:

  • BROKEN STRINGS REPLACEMENT TOOL: To make the becket bend in piano wire, use a hand-held coil maker. When replacing broken strings, piano tuners commonly use this tool.
  • TUNING PIN HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT: The tuning pin is inserted into the coil maker, and its height is adjusted with the depth gauge screw. To make perfect coils, insert the steel wire through the becket hole and against the hardened set screw on the coil maker, then turn the pin with your tuning pin crank.
  • TIGHT COIL FUNDAMENTAL: A tight coil is fundamental for maintaining stable tuning and, ultimately, obtaining a pure resonant tone from the piano.
  • INVERTED TENSION COIL: The tension of the coil is inverted by using the depth screw at the bottom of the tool, allowing the coil to spring back onto itself. Even in its passive state, the coil is active.
  • COIL INVERTING PROCESS: Inverting the coil after it has been removed from the dummy pin tightens it and allows the becket leg to be sprung in the proper direction. It also enables the becket's crook to be firmly positioned against the pin without pulling out.


Product Description:

Hand Held Coil Maker is a useful tool for creating coils prior to driving pins into the block. While the coil is wound, the pins are securely seated. Following that, the pins are hammered into the block.



  • Product Type: Hand Held Coil Maker
  • Tool Length: 3-1/2" long
  • Manufacturer: USA Made