The Craft of Piano Tuning - Book

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  • TUNER’S EAR AND HAND COLLABORATION: Tuning hammers are the result of a collaboration between the ear and the hand. As the hand adjusts the tension on a piano string, the ear checks the changing pitch.
  •  AURAL AND MANUAL ASPECTS TUNER: A tuner's ear has become sensitive to particular aural sensations created by two strings vibrating together, sensations that change dramatically when the pitch of one of the strings is changed significantly. Because it has become sensitive to the tactile sensations produced by the string and the method via which tension is controlled, a tuner's hand can manage the tension of a piano string correctly and consistently.
  • PART ONE THE TUNER’S EAR CONTENT: Part one: The tuner's ear consists of four lectures on basic aural piano tuning. Intervals and beats; Inharmonicity; Compensating for inharmonicity; Tuning the piano. Supplemental readings. Partials above the sixth ; The other temperament intervals ; More on difference tones ; More on temperament tuning ; More on octave tuning ; More on unison tuning ; Intentional mistuning .
  • PART TWO THE TUNER’S HAND CONTENT: Part two: The tuner's hand Fundamentals of piano tuning technique. The speaking length ; The front string ; The tuning pin ; The tuning hammer ; The tuner's hand. Supplemental readings. Why pianos go out of tune ; Efficient tuning ; Muting ; Adjusting pitch ; Minimizing physical stress ; Hearing protection ; Working as a means of mastering craft.
  • ALL ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Daniel Levitan is a well-known figure in the piano tuning industry, thanks to his dozens of articles for The Piano Technicians Journal and his numerous classes at national and international conferences. He is a 1975 graduate of Boston's North Bennet Street School of Music and owns a private piano service in New York City.


Product Description:

This is a comprehensive guide to the art of piano tuning, which covers both the aural and manual aspects of the process. An article outlining the traditional procedures of piano tuning in terms of their underlying acoustics and mechanics lies at the heart of each of the book's two sections - The Tuner's Ear and The Tuner's Hand. Supplementary readings (on topics such as purposeful mistuning, efficient tuning, reducing physical stress, and hearing protection) build on the articles and offer a wealth of practical advice.



  • Product Type: Piano Tuning Book
  • Book  Format: Hardcover
  • No. of Page: 252 pages
  • Language: English
  • Book Author: Daniel Levitan
  • Publisher: Soundboard Press, 2011