Tuning Hammer for Harpsichord, Dulcimer, Zither or Harp

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About this item: 

  • TUNING HAMMER FUNCTIONS: Tuning hammer is a specialized socket wrench used to tune string instruments with strings wrapped around tuning pins, such as the piano, harp, and hammer dulcimer. 
  • DESIGNED FITTINGS: Designed to fit tuning pins that are approximately 1/8" or 4 mm at the top of the square portion of the pin which are the dulcimer tuning pins we sell here in our store. 
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: This tuning hammer is made of quality hardwood handle with chrome plated steel shaft, making it durable and can be used for a long time. 
  • STAR TIP STYLE: The tool has a star tip, which allows you to tune the square pins at different angles. 
  • CONVENIENT TO USE: The Gooseneck shape design determines that it is convenient for use. And with small size, easy to store and carry. 


Product Descriptions: 

The gooseneck harpsichord tuning hammer is suitable for use on zithers, dulcimers, and harps. The most popular tools among piano technicians. High-quality tool manufactured in the United States. 


  • Product Type: Tuning Hammer 
  • Total length:  8" long 
  • Handle length: 4" long 
  • Material: Hardwood handle with chrome plated steel shaft 
  • Manufacturer: USA Made 
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