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About this item:

  • UPRIGHT PIANO ACTION WHIPPEN: A piano whippen is the primary work mechanism in the piano action, which includes the jack, which is the escapement mechanism that allows the piano player to play with a wide dynamic range. The whippen is responsible for conveying upward movement and delivering the shank and hammer to the string when you press down on the key.
  • WHIPPEN TYPE OPTIONS: You can choose your whippen type options that is available in our store:

            Whippen Styles:

            * Whippen for use with stickers
            * Whippen for use with dowel type capstans

  • DAMPER SPOON DIRECTION: To the back of the whippen is the damper spoon. When the back of the key rises from play, the whippen pivots, and the damper spoon pushes the damper away from the string. Choose the direction for the spoon on the back of the whippen.  This will be the direction the spoon leans as looking from the front of the whippen (facing the backcheck).

            Spoon Direction:

            * Spoon to the Right
            * Spoon to the Left

  •  COMPLETE PACKAGE SET: Complete upright piano wippen for replacement of worn or broken piano part.  Includes Damper Spoon, Flange, Jack,  Backcheck and Bridle Wire. 

            Package Inclusions:

            * Flange - The wippen body rotates on the Whippen Flange which is supported by the Whippen  Flange Rail.
            * Jack - The jack is attached to the end of the wippen and rotates in the flange.
            * Spoon - The Spoon is a metal support that holds the jack in the proper position.
            * Back Check – The Back check this piece called the catcher and holds the hammer.
            * Bridle Wire – The Bridal wire or rod is where the bridal straps attached.

  • DURABLE QUALITY WOOD MATERIAL: Made of high-quality durable wood, this product features innovative design, speed, affordability, and resource efficiency, as well as being environmentally friendly.


Product Description:

The part of the action that comes into direct contact with the key is the WIPPEN. It's in charge of transmitting the key's action to the hammer.



  • Product Type: Whippen
  • Whippen Body Size: 3-3/16" in length
  • Size of  Jack: 2-3/4" tall
  •  Material: Wood
  • Manufacturer: USA Made