How to Use a Piano Repair Truck

Apr 28, 2023

Welcome to this article on piano repair, where you will learn about an important tool for your repair arsenal - the piano repair truck, also known as the piano tilter. In this article, we will explain what a piano tilter is, how it works, and why it's an essential tool for any piano repair professional.

First, let's start with the basics. A piano tilter is a device designed to tilt an upright piano on its back so that the piano (and subsequently, its strings) are horizontal. This makes positioning the piano to actually work on it much more convenient, and much kinder to your back.

Now, let's take a closer look at the piano tilter. It is designed to fold up, making it more compact and easier to transport. You can put it in a van or travel with it if you need to take it to a customer's home. The purpose of this tool is to allow you to tilt an upright piano on its back so that you can work on it more easily. If you're re-stringing a piano, it's good to be able to tilt it. If you're applying CA glue to tuning pins on an upright piano, it's best to have it tilted so that the glue can have gravity working for it.

When it comes to assembling the piano tilter, it's a straightforward process. The device just has a couple of prongs or feet on the front end that you put under the middle of the piano. Then, you just tilt the piano onto its back. The repair truck acts as a lever, allowing you to easily get the piano into a convenient position without straining yourself.

Once the piano is in position, you can get to work. Whether you're restringing the piano, applying CA glue to tuning pins, or doing other repair work, the piano tilter makes the job much easier. And when you're done, simply reverse the process to return the piano to its original position.

To summarize, a piano tilter is an essential tool for anyone who repairs pianos. It's a simple device that allows you to tilt an upright piano on its back, making it easier to work on. With a piano tilter, you can restring a piano or apply CA glue to tune pens with ease. So, if you're serious about piano repair, consider investing in a piano tilter. Your back and your customers will thank you.

This article is based on the following video from our YouTube channel. If you'd like to see the piano tilter in action, watch our technician Russell demonstrate on an actual upright piano!