How to Use a Pinblock Support Jack

How to Use a Pinblock Support Jack

Aug 08, 2023

Using a Pinblock Support Jack is a very simple task. Before we explain how to use it, let's explain some of the reasons you may need to use one.

Reasons for Using a Pinblock Support Jack

Anytime you are going to be doing a job (such as pounding tuning pins in order to fix loose ones or restringing a piano) that puts pressure onto the pinblock, you are going to want to use this support jack. The reason is you can cause the pinblock to bow by putting so much pressure downward on it, especially if you're working more towards the center of the pinblock. The support jack keeps this from happening by stabilizing the pinblock and causing pressure to be exerted onto the keybed instead (which is much stronger).

How to Use a Pinblock Support Jack

The way you use this tool is very simple. Simply put the top on and raise it using the bolts until it meets up with the pinblock. If it is not tall enough, place a piece of wood roughly the same size as the jack on top of it so that it can reach. You will want to tighten it until you get to the point that you cannot move the jack by pushing or pulling on it. Don't tighten it too much, as this could cause the opposite effect and push the pinblock upward.

Always use the support jack directly under the tuning pin holes of the pins you will be working on. This means you will have to move it several times as you work on other pins, but ensures that no damage is done to the piano.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you! If you are interested in purchasing a pinblock support jack, you can find one here.

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