PVC-E Glue FAQ's

PVC-E Glue FAQ's

Jul 12, 2023

Q. What is PVC-E Glue?

A. PVC-E Glue is an adhesive intended for use on piano keys, cloth, felt, or leather. It is easy to use and dries clear. This works great for repairing a full set of piano keytops or using on any other piano projects you may be working on. PVC-E Glue is the preferred adhesive among piano technicians.

Q. How does PVC-E Glue work?

A. PVC-E Glue is a little rubbery when dry, like all PVC-E glues, which helps to prevent noise in some conditions. Because of the rubbery nature of the glue and the slightly thicker glue line, it serves as a shield between two adherents that may have different thermal or EMC expansion characteristics, allowing the glue joint to endure where a more rigid glue would fail.

Q. How long does it take for PVC-E Glue to dry?

A. A minimum of 24 hours is required for curing. Although keys may appear to be set considerably sooner, avoid making contact with them until they are totally cured.

Q. Can I use other glues as a substitute for PVC-E Glue?

A. You should only use PVC-E glue and other piano glues for work on piano. PVC-E Glue may appear to be similar to other wood glues, but it is not. It also lacks the qualities of other glues that look comparable, such as Elmer's white paper glue.

Q. How do I use PVC-E Glue?

A. Squeeze a tiny bead of glue down the length of the key to secure it. Then, spread the glue around the entire top of the keystick. Place the keytop on the key and press down for a few seconds. Before completing any final filing, wipe off any leftover glue with a moist cloth and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

Q. Is PVC-E Glue water soluble?

A. Yes, this glue does dissolve in water.

Q. What is the best way to open the tip of the bottle?

A. Using a utility knife, cut off a small amount of the tip to ensure that the hole does not become too large.

Q. How should I store PVC-E Glue?

A. PVC-E Glue should be kept dry, clean, and properly ventilated at room temperatures of 15° to 25°C (59°-77°F) or up to 30°C (86°F), depending on the weather. Do not let it freeze. Freezing will ruin the glue and cause it to be unusable.

Q. Where can I buy PVC-E Glue?

A. PVC-E Glue is available on our store here.

Highlighted Reviews

I used this item to re-glue an ivory key top. It worked great, it didn't take too long to dry, and the results were nice. The bottle's construction is one that doesn't leak, and is user-friendly for easy and controlled application.  -Ryan B.

PVC-E is a very practical, quick-setting glue for many applications. This is the perfect size for me to have on hand for my piano service calls. Many glues and solvents come in amounts I never come close to using before they age out and have to be replaced. Tired of carrying around a bag stuffed with large bottles and cans half full of things way past their expiration dates! This fits my bill, and it has the right sized applicator tip.  -Anonymous

I bought the 2oz glue for some key tops. It was great! Within a few hours, I was able to file down several keys and not a single one budged.  -Chantelle H.