Custom Piano Cover

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Please make sure to send your order form to GRK Manufacturing when ordering your custom cover. This is a step that must be taken. See below for instructions on taking the proper measurements.

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Making a custom template

If we don't have a template for your specific piano model, here's how you can easily create a template yourself. Watch the videos below, or read the text version of the instructions.

Step 1: Creating the Template

Use a large sheet of heavy plastic, available at any hardware store. Lay the plastic across the lid of the piano, and use a permanent marker to trace the outside edge of the lid onto the sheet. Take a pair of scissors and cut neatly along the outside edge of the line.

Step 2: Taking Measurements

Provide the following measurements, as seen in the video to the right.

  • Measurement A: Length of the diagonal at the keyboard
  • Measurement B: Width of the piano
  • Measurement C: Total length of the piano, from the back end to the front of the keys
  • Measurement D: Thickness of the piano in the back
  • Measurement E: Lid length

Step 3: Submit

Write down the measurements you just took and fill out this printable Order Form.

Neatly fold up the plastic template you cut, place it in a box or shipping envelope with the form you just filled out, and send it to the following address:

GRK Manufacturing
1200 Dayton Street
Hamilton, OH 45011