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About this item:

  • PIANO COVER PROTECTION: It is not necessary to cover your piano and truthfully it can be a chore to have to constantly cover and uncover the instrument every time you want to play it. A cover over a piano will not only protect it from scratches or dust but it will slow the aging process – particularly for the furniture.
  • SIZE AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Our upright piano cover offers a variety of size measurements for you to choose from. Choose your piano cover measurement options to display the price.

           Size/Measurement Options:

            * 59" x 26" x 34"
            * 59" x 26" x 39"
            * 59" x 26" x 44"
            * 59" x 26" x 48"
            * 59" x 26" x 52"
            * 59" x 26" x 56"
            * 59" x 26" x 58"

  • FABRIC COVERS OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Our covers are available in a variety of different fabrics as well as with several different options available.  Choose your fabric choice and options to display the price for your options.

          Fabric Options:

         * Black or Brown Vinyl - Heavy leatherette, bonded to a soft flannel backing (water repellent). 

         * Black or Brown Mackintosh - A combination of heavy water repellent drill cloth bonded to a soft cotton flannel backing.

         * Black Standard Quilted - An economical quilted cover which is made with material that combines a black nylon face material with an inner material of white poly cotton flannel.  Thickness is 3/8" and the quilting pattern is 4".

         * Black Quilted Mackintosh - An extremely rugged but attractive cover that is made with heavy mackintosh on the outside with a soft cotton material on the inside.  4" quilted pattern.  This is an excellent cover for schools and churches.

  • OPENING IN BACK COVER: Your cover can be made with or without an opening in the back of the cover to make the cover a little easier to take on and off.  The opening is from the top to the bottom of the cover in the middle of the back.  Back openings on the covers is an additional $40.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Our piano covers are made using only the finest quality materials. 100% manufactured in the USA, each piano cover is custom made for your piano. These are available in a variety of fabrics and sizes. 


Product Description:

Custom made covers for Upright Pianos.  Our upright covers are made to fit your piano.  We only need a few measurements of your piano in order to make the cover a custom fit.  Please follow the directions below for providing measurements of your piano.



  • Product Type: Piano Cover
  • Material: Fabric
  • Size: Custom Fit
  • Manufacturer: USA Made


Note: “Once we receive your order, piano covers are generally made and shipped within 3 to 4 weeks”.


Measuring instructions:

Take the following measurements in inches measuring between the two letter points on your piano according to the following diagram and include the measurements when ordering.

  • MEASUREMENT A - HEIGHT (Choose Options From (59" x 26" x 34" - 59" x 26" x 58")