Keyboard Punching Set

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This set includes more than enough punchings to provide replacements for one piano.  It is best to match as closely as you can the thickness of the original felts.  If you are unsure as to which thickness of balance rail and front rail felts you should get, we recommend choosing the thinnest felts and then adding as many paper and cardboard punchings as you need to get to the level where it should be.

Set includes:

  • 100 Front Rail Felts (Choose your thickness)
  • 100 Balance Rail Felts (Choose your thickness)
  • Approximately 1900 paper and cardboard punchings (100 each of 19 different sizes)

Sizes of paper and cardboard punchings included:

Front Rail: .003", .005", .007" .010", .012", .015", .020" .025", .045, .060"

Balance Rail: .003", .005", .007", .010", .015", .020", .025", .030", .045"