Piano Bridle Straps - Clip-on-style - Set of 12

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About this item: 

  • CLIP-ON STYLE FITTINGS: Perfect for replacing broken straps on upright pianos. To replace, clip onto the catcher shank. You can adjust it by moving it forward or backward on the shank. 
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of regulation braid with spring clip and red Fabrilite tips. 


Product Description: 

Professional Piano Bridle Straps - Clip-on style - Set of 12. The bridle strap is one of a couple of pieces that help the hammer come back to rest after a note is played on an upright piano. The bridle strap holds the action of the piano together to protect it when it is removed from the piano. 



  • Product Type: Bridle Straps (Clip-on-style)
  • Quantity: Set of 12
  • Manufacturer: USA Made