Bushmaster - Piano Key Bushing Tool

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About this item:

  • UNIFORM CLOTH DEPTH AND CUT RESULTS: The Bushmaster's function is to provide a uniform cloth depth and cut at the same time. The cloth will be the same length in each mortise.
  • EASY TO USE: Lay the bushing cloth across the mortises, push it into the mortise, then cut it in the center with the Bushmaster tool once the glue is put to a piece of keys.
  • BLADE & PLUNGER FUNCTION: The Bushmaster's blade is on the end of the handle, which is generally recessed. The blade emerges as you press down on the black plunger. To establish the depth of the bushing cloth, the tool is first inserted into the mortise with the blade recessed. After that, press the plunger.


Product Description:

Bushing cloth is automatically inserted to the exact depth in the key mortise by the Bushmaster key bushing tool. Install new bushings fast and efficiently with this well designed tool.

The Bushmaster key bushing tool automatically inserts bushing cloth to the exact depth in the key mortise. This well-designed tool allows you to install new bushings quickly and efficiently. Will fit any size mortise/pin including .088" pin. Complete instructions with detailed photos included.



  • Product Type: Key Bushing
  • Material: Brass and aluminum
  • Manufacturer: Pianotek Supply Company, USA.