Piano Key Bushing Cauls

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About this item:

  •  KEY BUSHING CAULS REPLACEMENT: When replacing key bushing cauls it is important to use a caul to clamp the felt for the correct fit once the glue has dried. 
  •  INSERTING CAUL AND GLUING FELT: Once the felt has been glued into the key mortise, insert the caul and cut the felt off at the shoulders of the bushing caul.  Allow the glue to dry overnight for a good fit. 
  • AVAILABLE SIZE VARIATION: Choose the size of caul to match the diameter of your keypins.

          Choose size:

          * Cauls for .146" keypins (Most Common)
          * Cauls for .125" keypins
          * Cauls for .129" keypins
          * Cauls for .133" keypins
          * Cauls for .137" keypins
          * Cauls for .162" keypins

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of high density polyethylene. Durable, impervious to glue, and dimensionally stable.


Product Description:

This is a type of clamp that goes in and stays in while the glue is drying to hold the felt in place. Once the glue is set, you can remove the caul. Choose from a set of 5 cauls or a set of 45 cauls. 23/64" (9.25mm") wide (front to back). Tolerance to within .001"

We also sell the key bushing cloth here in our store along with the Bushmaster, which is an excellent tool for gluing and inserting the felt into the key. Please let us know if you have any questions.


Instructions for Piano Key Bushing Cauls



  • Product Type:
  • Material: Made of high density polyethylene
  • No. of Set: Set of 5 cauls or set of 45 cauls
  • Measurement: 23/64" OR 9.25mm OR 0.36" wide (front to back)
  • Tolerance: Tolerance to within .001"
  • Manufacturer: USA Made