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About this item: 

  • KEY BUSHING CLOTH FUNCTION: The felt that lines the hole where the key pins go is called a key bushing. The key bushings wear down over time as they are used. The keys will wobble and rattle as a result.  
  • QUALITY MATERIAL USE: The bushing cloth is tightly woven and long wearing. 
  • AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT THICKNESSES: Our key bushing cloth available in 3 thicknesses: .043", .054" and .067".


Product Description: 

The felt bushings that line the hole where the key pins go are called key bushings. The key-bushings start to break down with use, harden with age, and occasionally fall out completely. The keys wobble and rattle as a result, giving the piano its unmistakable 'old feel.' These bushings must be in good condition (and replaced if necessary) for piano keys to work appropriately (and silently). 3/8" wide x 54" long strips of bushing cloth.

We also have a sample kit of the 5 different sizes of bushing cloth we carry: Piano Key Bushing Cloth Sample Kit 



  • Product Type: Key Bushing Cloth 
  • Color: Scarlet with white center 
  • Size: 3/8" wide x 54" long strips 
  •  Available Thickness:  .043" .054"  .067"
  • Manufacturer:  Made by Hainesworth 


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