Dampp Chaser Piano Humidifier Replacement Pads - Case of 48

Dampp Chaser

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About this item: 

  • PADS FUNCTION: Designed for use in Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Humidity control systems. Dampp-Chaser©  has come up with a system to conveniently humidify the environment of your piano and maintain the ideal humidity.   
  • SET INCLUSIONS: This case includes 48 Dampp Chaser humidifier pads and 12 clean sleeves. Clean sleeves to be placed over the heater bar in the Dampp Chaser Piano Humidifier systems. 
  • PADS LENGTH: Length will need to be cut to fit your particular tank. 
  • PADS COMPATIBILITY: Can be used on all Dampp Chaser humidifier tanks. These pads will work in both grand piano and upright piano systems. 
  • PADS REPLACEMENT: Pads should be replaced one to two times a year due to buildup of minerals. Replacing pads will help prolong the life of your system. Newer Dampp Chaser systems have a "PAD light" on the front panel that will alert you when pads should be replaced.


Product Description: 

Dampp Chaser Piano Humidifier Replacement Pads are designed for use in Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Humidity control systems. Humidifier Pads wick water across the Humidifier Heater Bar to bring moisture into the piano. If the pads are caked with mineral deposits or hardened on top, the Humidifier will not be effective.  

Click here to open a page with detailed instructions on how to change your humidifier pads.



  • Product Type: Piano wicking pads 
  • For Instrument: Piano 
  • Color: Blue 
  • Item Case: Case of 48 replacement pads 
  • Pads dimension: Pads are 30" x 4" 
  • Manufacturer: Dampp Chaser