Piano Tuning Hammer with Star Tip

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About this item: 

  • BASIC STYLE TUNING HAMMER: Is a more basic style which is all one piece which means the head and the tip cannot be changed from the handle.  
  • STAR TIP TUNING HAMMER: Attached with a #2 size tip, which is the most common and fits practically all piano tuning pins. The part of the tool that screws onto the end of the head and fits over the tuning pin is known as the tip. The part of the tip that fits over the pin is usually shaped like a star and is made to fit square pins. The star form was designed in order to allow for more angles on the tuning hammer. 
  • 5 DEGREE HEAD ANGLE: This tuning hammer has a 5 degree head angle which will put the tuning hammer the closest to the tuning pins The angle of the head determines what to what degree the handle will extend away from the tuning pins.  
  • TUNING HAMMER DURABLE DESIGN: The hammer total length is 12 inches and has a curved, 6-1/2" wooden handle for increased comfort and support. Its nickel-plated steel shaft gives the tool added durability, ready for long-standing use.  
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Product Description: 

This tool being made in the USA is made with high quality parts and quality craftsmanship that is hard to match.   

If you're looking for some basic instruction on how to tune your own piano, a website that has good information can be found here: Tune a Piano Yourself Tuning Tutorial 



  • Product Type: Tuning Hammer  
  • Tip Size: #2 Size Tip 
  • Tip Shape: Star Tip 
  • Head Angle: 5 degree 
  • Handle Length: 6-1/2" 
  • Hammer Total Length: 12 inches
  • Handle Material: Wooden Handle 
  • Shaft Material: Nickel-plated Steel Shaft