Protek MPL-1 Fluoropolymer Lubricant

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About this item:

  • CLEAN HIGH TECHNOLOGY: A clean, high technology, grease type lubricant which is quickly replacing graphite grease and VJ lube.
  • HIGH ADHESIVE PROPERTIES: It can be used on all wood to wood, wood to metal, and metal to metal applications.  MPL-1 has very high adhesive properties that bond to the applied surface, and it has a long life span.
  • SAFE NON-TOXIC SUBSTANCE: As with the Protek CLP, the MPL-1 is non-toxic.


Product Description:

Graphite grease is being replaced by a clean, high-tech grease like (but not truly petroleum) lubricant. This product does not pose the same risk of damaging or spoiling the customer's carpet or piano if spilled or smeared. MPL-1 has a strong adhesive quality while also being extremely slick.



  • Product Type: Lubricant
  • Size: 2 oz. Jar
  • Brand: Protek