Dampp Chaser Replacement Humidifier Pads - Set of 4 pads w/liner

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  • Set includes a pack of 4 Dampp Chaser Humidifier Pads and one tank liner and one humidifier bar clean sleeve
  • Please choose the type of tank liner you need, vertical (9" tall tank) or universal (grand piano) (5-3/4" tall tank)
  • Pads should be replaced one to two times a year due to buildup of minerals
  • Replacing pads will help prolong the life of your system
  • Length of pads will need to be cut to fit your particular tank size
  • Can be used on all Dampp Chaser humidifier tanks

Pads may need to be changed more or less frequently based on the quality of your water.  The use of the Dampp Chaser Humidifier Pad Treatment is also an important element in prolonging the life of your pads.

Click here to open a page with detailed instructions on how to change your humidifier pads.

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