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Dampp Chaser

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This kit includes the items that are needed for the regular maintenance on your Dampp Chaser Piano Humidifier system.  The humidifier treatment should be added to the water you add to your tank.  The humidifier pads in your tank should be replaced at least once a year.  Minerals will cause a build-up on the pads as they wick water.  This build-up can be harmful to the heating bar.  Replacing the pads regularly will prolong the life of your system therefore helping the system to function better.  Each pad is 30" x 4" and can be used on all Dampp Chaser humidifier tanks.  The length will need to be cut to fit your particular tank.

Pack Includes:

  • One 16 oz Bottle of Humidifier Pad Treatment
  • One set of 2 Humidifier Pads
  • One tank liner (Grand or Vertical - Choose tank style)
  • One Clean Sleeve to help keep your humidifier bar clean

 Click here to open a page with detailed instructions on how to change your humidifier pads.

To see FAQ's on Dampp Chaser, read this article: https://www.howardpianoindustries.com/blog/dampp-chaser-humidifier-pad-treatment-faqs/