Piano Hammer Bore-Out Guide

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 About this item:

  • BORE-OUT GUIDE FUNCTION: It has jaws that can be clamped onto the hammer and a hole that goes all the way through for the drill bit to pass through. So, depending on how wide your hammer is, you'd clamp it on. If you have a smaller hammer, it can be clamped on top of the hammers to tighten them down.
  • LINE UP GUIDE HAMMER: Place it on the hammer shank so that it is perfectly aligned with the hole. Then, at the right angle, align your guide hammer with the hammer shank. After you've ensured that it doesn't move, drill your hole down through into the hammer.
  • DRILLING UPRIGHT/ GRAND HAMMER: You don't want to drill all the way through the hammer shank wood with an upright hammer; instead, drill halfway or two-thirds of the way through. The drill should, however, go all the way through the hammer if using a grand hammer.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Nickel plating gives this bore-out guide a unique combination of corrosion and wear resistance. It has the ability to add radiance, shine, and attraction.
  • TECHNICIANS RECOMMENDED: The no. 1 bore-out guide tool for hammer shanks repair works that is most preferred by professional piano technicians.


Product Description:

When replacing a piano hammer, it must be bored such that the strike point and angle match those of the hammers adjacent to it. For on-the-spot boring, this piano hammer bore-out guide is ideal. The guide is fastened into position to drill out the old shank by tightening the knurled nut.



  • Product Type: Bore-Out Guide
  • Length: 2.25 inches long
  • Material: Nickel Plated
  • Manufacturer: USA Made